Character Education

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The author stresses the fact that healthy marriage couples are compatible partners. In a marriage that is to stand the test of time, sentiment is vital, yet similarity is basic. All things considered, accomplices in solid relational unions come to concur upon regular plans with respect to the headings their marriage will take, and the way every accomplice will act. You should will to take the necessary steps to enhance your marriage success regardless of surrounding circumstances.


The author confines that character education is of vital importance – if separated from society, leaves nothing credible! Character Education was initially a doctoral dissertation that aimed to focus on the importance of moral education on the development of students’ character. Character Education is significant because preserves traditional values, contributes to character development, and can result in a better quality of life for our youth, their families, and the entire society.

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  1. This excellent book clearly demonstrates, through historical documents and events, that poor public policy results when leaders attempt to separate their private lives from their public lives. I was impressed with the honesty that Dr. Coltea exhibited by not sugar coating the short-comings of some of our greatest educational leaders. He also discussed their strengths, victories and missed opportunities. Anyone aspiring to an educational leadership position, owes it to themselves to get this book and devour it.
    You will be better for having read it.
    Best ever!

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